5 Apr 2010                  

           Wife: Dorothy Lenore RUSS  age: 76 
           Born: 27 Apr 1933          in Wanganui North Island NZ  
        Resided: 2001                 in Paraparaumu NZ  
         Father: Douglas Charles RUSS 
         Mother: Dorothy Leah YOUNG 

        Husband: Trevor Hallam AMOS  age: 81 
        Married: 19 Nov 1955          in Wellington NZ    her age: 22  his age: 27 
           Born: 19 Oct 1928          in Wellington NZ  1
 			Died:  8 Jan 2010		   in Palmerston North, NZ
         Father: Frederick Daniel AMOS 
         Mother: Myrtle Amy CHARLESWORTH 

      F Child 1: Christine AMOS  age: 46 
           Born: 19 Oct 1963          in Paraparaumu NZ  
      M Child 2: Nevin David AMOS  age: 44 
           Born: 25 Apr 1965          in Paraparaumu NZ  
      Graduated:                      PhD  
         Spouse: Veerapon LAKMA  b. 5 May 1964  
        Married: 14 Jan 1996          in Thailand  
      M Child 3: Mark Hallam AMOS  age: 41 
           Born: 4 Jul 1968           in Paraparaumu NZ  
         Spouse: Stephenie GOLDSBURY  b. 15 Feb 1972  
        Married: 3 Jan 1993           in Waitotara NZ  

(1) Trevor's grandparents came in 1879.  His grandmother came with sisters and
their husbands.  The girl's mother had just died and they had come into some
money so that was one way of spending it!
His grandfather was an architect; he must have guessed that his services would
be needed in NZ with a great deal of building taking place.  Lenore Amos

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